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Best Home Improvements that You’ll Never Regret Doing

Best Home Improvements that You’ll Never Regret Doing

You have many options when it comes to home improvements, here’s a few that are the most popular

Home improvements are one of the few things that you’ll likely get your money back on eventually, however it’s important to remember that until you sell your home and pocket the return on your investment, you still have to live with the improvement.

Here’s a few that people say they never regretted because of function and style:

Add a Mudroom

Some updates are good for style, others are good for when you actually have to live in a space. A mudroom is just that. Many homes in Florida don’t really have these, yet they’re incredibly handy. A good utilitarian space such as a mudroom not only brings the family entrance together, it can also help you keep the rest of the house cleaner. Just imagine all those dirty shoes and football pads being contained to a small, designated area of the house.

Update The Kitchen

This is a classic home improvement, and one that’s both equally desirable to potential buyers and your family since it’s one of the most frequently used rooms in the entire home. Kitchen upgrades can vary widely in scale. From replacing cabinets and countertops, to just new appliances. These changes will go a long way. You won’t regret this one.

Replace Windows

Windows are a subtle feature in a home that separate the average from the truly high quality. The right windows can not only provide great aesthetic improvements, they’re also tremendously functional and can insulate the inside from outside noise, intruders and even storm protection. In Florida, hurricanes are a very real threat and if you’ve lived through one, you know what a hassle preparing for one can be. Don’t be that person stuck in line at Home Depot buying plywood 4 days before landfall. Upgrade your windows and sleep easy all year round.

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